What makes us a family

We all have little quirks that make our children uniquely ours. Whether it be the same indention in your chin, the same laugh, or the same facial expressions. It can be cute or annoying, depending upon whether you have accepted the quality / feature in yourself. While only one child looks like me, another one looks somewhat like me. You can tell he’s my son. But, my oldest, she can be passed off as someone else’s child and no one would think that she’s mine. Since my youngest looks like me, we do have a lot of the same expressions (lots of pouting!) and the same sayings (Weave me wone!), but my kids are uniquely mine in other, weirder, ways.

Take for instance, the fight my 8-year-old and I got into the other night. As we were coming in from the garage, we got into an argument about something I don’t remember, but I know it ended with her yelling at me, “That is a statement, not a question!,” followed by me saying in an extremely annoyed voice, “What you asked was a question, which is what I was referring to. What I said was a statement, but I was talking about what you asked, which is a question!” Now this may seem strange, but in my house, this is normal. I am a huge grammar and proper English freak, and I do mean freak! The same daughter once asked me who Lowe was. As in Lowe’s. Lowe’s has to own something and she wanted to know what it was. I have never been more proud. Another common question in our house is, “Are you a person or an apple pie?” By now the kids all know this means they used good & well wrong and they always respond with apple pie because they realize their mistake and of course they’re tired of their mother being so weird.

Another quirky way that they’re mine? My 4-year-old told me she loves the smell of new books. Just like me. My son puts tons and tons of pepper on everything before even tasting it. Just like me. Once, I put pepper in my sweet tea. The best thing about finding these things out is realizing that these cute & weird kids are uniquely mine. And that we are now friends in our own unique club, our family.

“Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, ‘What! You too? I thought I was the only one”   – C.S. Lewis


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