At what age?

At what age are you too old to get drunk, post random pictures of yourself looking super drunk, and posting updates every 5 minutes on facebook about how much you’ve drunk, what stupid drunk thing you did, etc…? I have a “friend” who does this often and he/ she has a good job! I don’t understand that either. After you start your career, shouldn’t you keep your drunken weekends to yourself? I mean, we’ve all had these weekends, but we were smart enough to have them when we were younger and BEFORE we had careers where it was required to act like adults.

Maybe I am being snobby. Maybe he/ she needs to have some kids and grow up. Even I like to go out every now and then, but I guarantee you my night is soooo good, updating my facebook status never crosses my mind. So, maybe the problem isn’t their irresponsibility but rather, their night out is lame enough to warrant an updating of their facebook status every 5 minutes.

I hope to never be this person, but if I do happen to slip into this downward spiral, I hope it’s fun enough to not feel the need to be on facebook to get confirmation that I’m having enough fun to be “cool!” In the end, no one thinks they’re cool. We’re all wondering the same thing… why update your status every few minutes but, WHY OH WHY, update it every few minutes while out “having a blast?” All these posts from you leave us saying to ourselves….

For Really?


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