Change of pace. Don’t get used to it.

I decided not to bore  you with another essay on the annoyances of people. Or the one person almost every post is about. Though it surely is not for lack of needing to. Instead, I decided to go through the thousand! pictures on my phone and post some of them here. The ones that make you say, for really?

This is my son, Stephen. He just turned 7, though this picture was taken not even 6 months ago. It was taken by his four year old sister. Every time I come across this picture, I wonder why my kids are so darn weird.

This next picture is a worm. Not just any worm. The worm that my boyfriend decided to tell me was there only after I sat down almost right beside it. He casually said, “Hey, look at that worm.” I jumped up faster than humanly possible and plotted the ways I could kill him, casually, of course.

Yes, that is a straw beside it. I Googled it and it actually turns into a luna moth, which are my favorite. But still, go in the woods and scare insects instead of people. This next picture is a screen shot of my iphone taken in January.  What makes this even funnier is that a few years ago and these two people did not like each other.  Now, they’re blowing up my phone at the same time.

This next picture is from South Korea. I lived in New Hampshire once upon a time and never experienced snow like this and I will forever be grateful to God for that. I don’t know how anyone survived.  How did anyone go to the store? Work? School? Where did dogs go poop?

Normally when I write one post, I have no idea what the next post will be about. But, this time I do! I am fascinated by why people cheat. I used to think it was just for lust. But, after Googling it for a whole day, I have discovered, it’s far more complex than that.  And vewy, vewy intewesting!  One post and the word Googling twice. Clearly, I have a Googling addiction that I like to feed every night. Now three times.


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