Lots of For Really’s Today

We walked out the door to head to Hobby Lobby and dinner. I didn’t pay attention to what my kids were wearing since they were out the door before me. Big mistake. Getting out of the car, I realize my son is wearing an undershirt. With no shirt over it. He’s also wearing black sweat pants that are gathered at the bottom. They’re a little too short. And he’s wearing loafer type shoes. What does this look like all together? An old man. My 7 year old looked like he was retired and went out in whatever he wanted because well, he’s retired. My 8 year old daughter was wearing a normal shirt and shoes. With a tu-tu skirt that is her sisters. Her four year old sisters. It barely covered her butt and wasn’t helped by the fact that she kept pulling her long shirt down so it was hanging past the shirt. She looked like she wasn’t even wearing anything other than a shirt and shoes. I am not sure which was worse. Only my 4 year old had dressed appropriately, which is a miracle unto itself as she is usually the one in the most out of season, too small, no panty wearing outfit possible.

Hobby Lobby was uneventful. Well, you know, lots of “Don’t touch this, leave her alone, quit yelling!” and all that jazz. Normalcy. We wait an hour to sit down at Texas Road House. An hour. My kids wanted to wait, I wanted to go. After finally sitting down and ordering our food, I receive my salad before our dinner arrived. I try about 5 times to stab a piece of lettuce with my fork, but it wouldn’t go through. I turned over the piece of lettuce to see how thick it was for a fork to not go through. Wrapped up in the lettuce was a crumpled receipt. Like someone had wadded it up with the piece of lettuce on purpose. I doubt it was intentional, but the impact was still the same. I sit there, getting madder by the second, waiting for my waiter to return so I can complain. Five minutes go by before I ask someone else to grab a manager. The manager apologized and offered to discount our food. Another salad was brought out and I would not go anywhere near it, neither would my children. When the check comes, the manager discounted my food half off. I saved only $7.00. I think $7.00 was worth the 5 minute wait I had to endure just to complain about the trash in my food. Not anywhere sufficient enough to make up for the salad having a receipt in it. They were lucky I didn’t take one bite of that salad. I will not be going back to another Texas Road House, that’s for sure.

And I will always check my kids (& my young old mans) outfits before we walk out the door.


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