My Plate Runneth Over

I tend to have a lot on my plate, as most people do. I also tend to pile more stuff on top, until I have a million things going on then I wonder why I have so much to do. I think I need to set limits for myself. Here is a list of things I have going on:

  • Making necklaces
  • Organizing my garage
  • Giving away some things that were in my garage
  • Getting things ready to sell that were in my garage
  • Organizing my kitchen and taking out lesser used items to put in my garage
  • Buy and put together a shelf for the garage where all these kitchen items will go
  • Organize my bedroom and closet so my boyfriend can move in this summer
  • Cleaning house from top to bottom for my family to visit for the first time since I bought this house almost a year and a half ago
  • Painting and organizing my children’s rooms
  • Reading several books that I have had for a while
  • Weeding my garden beds and finding something to plant so I no longer have to weed these dang beds
  • Get a new, taller fence around my yard
  • Buy a picnic table for my backyard
  • Get my taxes done

While this may seem like just things that I want to do, they are not. I need a fence because part of it is leaning and I live in an HOA. I need to weed my garden beds because, well I live in an HOA. The government requires me to file my taxes, I bought the stuff to make necklaces and figured I should at least make one necklace before I forget about it for a year or two. My garage needs to be organized so my boyfriend can park in the garage when he moves in, so I must sell and / or give away the stuff I no longer need. I need more space in my kitchen cabinets so I need to move some small appliances into the garage so buying and putting together the shelf is necessary. I painted my oldest daughters room so now the other two keep asking when their turn is. That can only be remedied by finally painting the others rooms. The only things I don’t have to do are read books and buy a picnic table. But where else am I going to read those books while avoiding doing all the other things I have to do?


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