Summa is Ovah!

School starts back tomorrow for all of my children. This is the first and last year, so the only year really, that my kids will be in the same school. I will forever look back on this year as “back when I only had one school to go to!” In order to make my life simpler with three different lunches to make, snacks to put together, water bottles to fill, homework to be done, paperwork to be filled out, and clothes, shoes, showers, I could go on and on; I have done a few simple things that I hope will make my life easier this school year.


This is a side shot of a drawer in my fridge. I put cold snacks in here for the kids, such as string cheese, grapes, strawberries, carrot sticks, apples, peaches, plums, and lunchables. These can be grabbed by the kids or me for school lunches or snacks.


This shot is a picture of a bin in my pantry. I have divided up 4 different kinds of potato chips, yogurt raisins, cheerios, dried cherries, bananas, blueberries, and raisins in this bin. These are for school lunches or snacks too.


This last shot is a wall in my laundry room. I gave each kid a square space of cork board to tack their artwork, spelling words, or forms that need to be filled out by me. I have the big calendar in the middle so we can all fit important reminders on there. The big bulletin board on the right is for me to hang bills that need to be paid or other papers that need my attention.


Tomorrow is the test to see if these changes that I implemented are going to be helpful or not. I will post again tomorrow and let you know if I need to make any adjustments.

On a side note: my favorite thing about WordPress is it tells me where someone clicked to read my blog and how many times. So I can tell if someone was brought here through Facebook, their email account, or from someone else’s website and how many times they read my blog. Love it!


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