Lead by Example

It is a brand new day. After having a conversation with a now former friend, I feel like a new person. I realized so much about me and who I have become as a person yesterday and I wanted to share a little bit of that:

  • I have no tolerance for people who hide behind religion. If you are an active Christian, great, but if you forget basic principles of how to treat people, such as giving people a chance to defend themselves when you are upset with them and talking about them to other people, I see you as someone who defends their actions by hiding  behind God.
  • If I have done nothing to you for you not to trust me, I do not care if you do not trust me. I do not care what your reasoning is. If I have done nothing to you, for you not to trust me, then that sounds like it is your problem, because it surely is not mine.
  • The most amazing Christians I have ever been around are those who do not preach. They live a Christian life by example, not by spouting off bible quotes or defending all their actions as what God wants. They recognize that they are human and make mistakes. And they have never belittled someone else for their beliefs. There is a difference between Christians and judgmental Christians and the difference is in how they treat you when you sin. If you ever want to know the difference, do something that “disappoints” a Christian and see how Christian of a response you get.

I think I learned more about myself yesterday than I have since my mom died. I am thankful for the lesson but I am also thankful for the  people in my life who lead by example and not by words.


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