Life gets in the way

It seems every time I make a vow to blog more often, life gets in the way. Right now, my life is like a river (I want to break out into the song, but I will hold it in online), and everything is changing at an almost daily pace.  Some of the big changes happening around here:

Kayla, my 9-year-old, is learning how to walk home from school, and be left alone for short periods of time. She is the most responsible person (adult or child!) that I know, so I know she can handle it. We have been here the past few days that she has come home from school and every day she asks us, “When are y’all not going to be here so I can be all by myself?” She’s ready for some alone time as a responsible tween, clearly.

On the job front, I think I have found my long-term job. I interviewed on Friday, fell in love with the company, what it does, it’s mission, it’s policies, and I am supposed to know something by Wednesday. I can see myself here for at least the next five years, if not more. There is room for advancement and it’s close to home. Not to mention next door to the boss from hell I worked for last year. Literally, right next door. Can’t wait to run into her! *Sarcasm*

As for what I have learned this month, my boyfriend is one of the most amazing people that I know. He is the most generous and kind man that I know. He is a breath of fresh air at the end of the day and the one who makes me need no on else on this Earth besides my children.

Oh, and go see 50/50. Best move I have ever watched. If you have personally see first hand someone die of cancer, this movie might be hard to watch though I still think you should see it. Very real adaption of what having cancer is like and how those people closest to them deal with it. Plus, by far one of  the funniest movies that I have ever seen.


Well, I hope to write more often, but you know how that goes…. Life gets in the way and with such a blessed life that I lead, I am okay with that.


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