The Rock in Wylie

I live in Wylie, Texas and the best way to describe this city is a fast-growing city that developers are slow catching on to. This means that we don’t have much here so when something opens, it stays packed for a while. Target, Rosa’s, Home Goods, Kroger, and the latest addition, The Rock Wood Fired Pizza are just some examples.

This place opened on December 29th. We tried coming that night but the wait was an hour and a half. With three children, that just doesn’t work. We tried again last night and the wait was two and a half hours. That definitely wouldn’t work! So my strategy changed and we got here this morning as soon as they opened. It worked. We got a seat instantly but the place was packed within 30 minutes. The food did take a little longer that a normal restaurant but I’m not surprised because again, everything is packed when it opens and for a new restaurant, that can be overwhelming.

What I love about this place is that it’s great for kids and adults. The kids got a box of dough along with their menu and crayons. It kept them occupied for a while, which will be great if the adults decide to have a drink. This is the nifty little box it came in….



And this is what they did with their dough:





Two of my children had the mac and cheese, which was definitely not Kraft. That’s a great thing in my book. My oldest got a pepperoni pizza, which she said was good. I got the Sharp Dressed Man, which is a steak sandwich. It was delicious. The fries are beer battered and tasted okay, but not my favorite, however, my daughters loved them and finished them off. I did like that they had mustard on every table, which is rare. I heart mustard.

I would definitely come here again. Like I said, Wylie is due for some fantastic restaurants, especially restaurants that cater to both adults and kids. Plus the food is pretty great.


One thought on “The Rock in Wylie

  1. Jennifer says:

    I found this through Instagram. I heart mustard, too.

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