The Beginning

My mom has collected recipes for as long as I can remember. In elementary and middle school, we had a lot of Hamburger Helper, quiche, and lima beans. I am certain we didn’t have lima beans as much as I remember, but I do remember a lot of nights having to drink milk immediately after eating a single bean. Their texture and taste are awful. I have never made them for my kids and haven’t eat them since I was little.

Although my mom collected recipes, she didn’t cook a whole lot after I got into high school. I believe her habits are a lot like how we use Pinterest today. We pin so many things, but ultimately only cook/ make/ decorate a very small number of things that we pin.

I inherited my mom’s box of collected recipes 8 years ago. The recipes are mostly printed ones she found online, but there are some magazine and newspaper clippings, a notebook, and some hand-written recipes. The printed recipes date as far back as 1998 and as recent as 2009. Some of the magazine clippings are from 1992 and I believe some of the recipes from the newspaper are from the 80s. I am still sorting through them all and putting the printed recipes in three-ring binders. I will share a picture as soon as that job is complete. I think it’s safe to say there are more than 10,000 recipes.

I initially wanted to throw away the printed recipes because there are so many and my mom and I did not have the same tastes in food, however, a friend of mine begged me not to throw them out. So I didn’t. That’s where this idea started, to cook all of the recipes that she wanted to make, but never did. To finish what she started. Due to the amount of recipes, I am uncertain if I will finish the job myself, so that’s why I am getting my children involved. If I don’t finish the job, I would like to believe that my kids would ultimately finish this for her.

What I want from this project, is to look back on her life and imagine what she was doing when she printed this recipe. What milestones were happening in our lives? It’s also a fascinating walk down memory lane as some of the recipes have ads from the 80s and 90s.

The kids and I cooked our first meal last night, which I will be posting shortly.



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