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Organized Life… In The Kitchen?

With three kids and a full-time job, trying to get/ stay organized is one of my most important goals. I have tried and previously failed (with expensive planners with too little room, here’s looking at you, Erin Condren, and with good, yet impracticable, ideas and intentions on staying organized), however, this is a never-ending goal and with that, I have gone a more practical route. I have decided to stay organized in a heavily used room, the kitchen, rather than a room that is used less often (but really should be as often), the laundry room.

So, here are some pictures of the large kitchen wall, which was empty until yesterday. Please ignore the chipped paint. And the color of the wall. I painted this years ago and loved it at the time, but now I think it’s just too dark, so the color will change. What I do want you to look at are the two items my boyfriend hung up last night. I bought them both at Hobby Lobby. The three sectional wire in-box thing is perfect for my kid’s school papers. I am hoping to prevent the issue with my kids shoving their school papers in my face at the worst times (under the bathroom door right after I get home from work or in my face while I am running around trying to get 4 people ready and out the door in the morning, etc…). Hopefully they simply put their school papers here after school and while making dinner I can work through the papers to keep it empty.


FullSizeRender(2) FullSizeRender(1) FullSizeRenderThe chalkboard will be used as a menu. I did this for several reasons. One of which is my boyfriend is the pickiest eater and while I love to work around his preferences, sometimes I want to eat what I want to eat (less meat, lots of cheese and pasta, etc…). This way he can see what we’re having and decide if he needs to pick-up something to eat or fend for himself with what we have on hand. Another reason this board will be used as a menu is because I have two older children who are responsible for planning and cooking their menu, one day a week, each. My son has chosen Wednesday, so he will be in charge of finding a recipe, while trying to accommodate everyone’s preferences, and will cook the meal, with my supervision and direction, of course. My older daughter will chose another day and do the same thing. When it’s their day of the week, they get to write their menu on the board and take pride in what they have picked-out and made.

What’s not shown is what I ordered yesterday:


This is called, Cups for Days, and you can find it here. I love this because it will free up my two upper cabinets being used for cups (5 people means a lot of cups), kids can easily grab a cup themselves, and it’s gorgeous! This will be going to the right of the metal in-box so it will be closer for people to grab a cup. Because the cups will be in-sight, I will be getting rid of our current cups and switching to mason jars. Luckily my kids are older so using glass jars is possible.

With all of these dark-colored objects, it really makes me want to lighten up the kitchen color and add pops of color around the darker objects on the wall, with colorful frames or artwork. Any ideas on paint colors or fun things to lighten up the kitchen (both in color and seriousness)?


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My Schedule

This week has been one of the busiest weeks that I have ever had. I started a new job on Monday, my kids had to go back to after-school care, all while taking care of three kids by myself, and still being a full-time student. In the meantime, I cook, blog, sew, and am constantly trying to organize my house.  I wanted to give you a peek into my busiest day this week, Thursday, to show you what it was like.

5:45 A.M. Wake up, shower

6:00 Wake all three kids up, get dressed, organized for the day, drink coffee, make sure kids are presentable, all snacks/ lunches are packed, papers are signed, homework is done, etc…

7:00 Drop kids off at school, head to Starbucks

7:45 Get coffee, head to office

8:00 Work a full 8 hours (I am an Escrow Assistant, meaning, I get the ball rolling on all home purchases and re-fi’s that go through our office, as well as follow-up with any problems along the way)

5:05 Leave work, head to workshop for math

5:45 Arrive 15 minutes early so I do some homework on the computer

6:00  Workshop time

7:30 Left a bit early because I was starving, head home, grab myself a sandwich on the way home

8:00 Arrive home, greet family, look at school papers, change clothes, watch an hour of tv on the DVR that is about to be erased, eat the sandwich

9:00 Tuck the kids in bed, spend 30 minutes picking players for the Fantasy football league that I am in

9:30 Lay down in bed and watch an hour television, fall asleep within seconds.


The next morning, I get up to do a variation of it all over again. It is worth it though because I want/ need my education and I want/ need my job to start my career and make some big bucks, which I need/ want with being a single parent to three kids.  My life is going to be hectic for the next three years while I am still in school, but it will all be worth it when I am working for myself, setting  my own hours, and making good money.



The Results

I know I said that I was going to post yesterday, but life got in the way, as usual. All three of my kids started school and my dog was/ is sick. She has been throwing up almost non-stop plus she hasn’t been biting us, but licking instead. If you knew my puppy, you would know that means something terrible. She once cut her foot and still managed to bite us as she was limping around bleeding all over my white carpet.

Anyways, I wanted to give y’all an update on how the organizational things I added to our household has helped. Let’s start off with the changes in the kitchen. Adding a drawer in my fridge for cold snacks and a container in the pantry to hold the dry snacks has been great. Yesterday and today I was able to get up, pack three lunches within seconds and still manage to make breakfast and have everyone ready early, I might add.

The bulletin boards in the laundry room were great too. All of my children came home with artwork yesterday and all chose to display it on their bulletin board. My son had homework that he tacked up as well. It is so nice not having piles of paper around me on things that I need to look at, sign, go over, and things I better not lose. It’s even nicer knowing that they are not going to get lost and the child learns more responsibility for their belongings and school work.

As for the rest of the day, I am taking my dog to the vet this morning followed by school work and hopefully a nap. It is a special night folks because we have tickets to see the Rangers vs the Red Sox. We went to this game last year and it was the best time I have ever had. It lasted about 13 innings and a Red Sox player even threw us a ball. I am hoping tonight is just as wonderful but with the Red Sox winning this time!

Summa is Ovah!

School starts back tomorrow for all of my children. This is the first and last year, so the only year really, that my kids will be in the same school. I will forever look back on this year as “back when I only had one school to go to!” In order to make my life simpler with three different lunches to make, snacks to put together, water bottles to fill, homework to be done, paperwork to be filled out, and clothes, shoes, showers, I could go on and on; I have done a few simple things that I hope will make my life easier this school year.


This is a side shot of a drawer in my fridge. I put cold snacks in here for the kids, such as string cheese, grapes, strawberries, carrot sticks, apples, peaches, plums, and lunchables. These can be grabbed by the kids or me for school lunches or snacks.


This shot is a picture of a bin in my pantry. I have divided up 4 different kinds of potato chips, yogurt raisins, cheerios, dried cherries, bananas, blueberries, and raisins in this bin. These are for school lunches or snacks too.


This last shot is a wall in my laundry room. I gave each kid a square space of cork board to tack their artwork, spelling words, or forms that need to be filled out by me. I have the big calendar in the middle so we can all fit important reminders on there. The big bulletin board on the right is for me to hang bills that need to be paid or other papers that need my attention.


Tomorrow is the test to see if these changes that I implemented are going to be helpful or not. I will post again tomorrow and let you know if I need to make any adjustments.

On a side note: my favorite thing about WordPress is it tells me where someone clicked to read my blog and how many times. So I can tell if someone was brought here through Facebook, their email account, or from someone else’s website and how many times they read my blog. Love it!